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Powering innovation, the Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family delivers highly parallel processing and configurations for diverse requirements.

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Asus Servers

ASUS servers offer the most optimized systems for HPC, data center, and cloud applications. Feature highlights include extreme computing power, high memory capacity and extra-efficient cooling. While ASUS Workstation Series fulfill the needs of professionals in graphics, GPU computing, and game development applications, aligning with the growing impact of GPU computing on the HPC segment.

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Data is quickly speeding beyond our capacity to store it. The next generation of visionaries requires next gen solutions to secure and share their ideas.

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Web Design Orlando

Web Design Orlando

Today, there are billions of websites all competing for some form of attention. Thinking about all the websites out there can be overwhelming when you are considering web design Orlando. However, it is important to note that within these billions of websites, there are a lot of different categories of the website. So, you need to carefully consider the type of website you want to build. Here are some of the most popular types of websites you should know before hiring a digital marketing agency in Florida.

Authority Website

This type of website function as an online presence for your business. Your potential customer goes to your website to see the work your company has done and how to contact you about your services. The people that visit these websites have already heard about your business and need more information. An example of an authority website is the site of a construction company. While you may check the website to see what the company is all about, lead generation and sales happen offline.

Lead Generation Website

Lead generation is about creating leads and ensuring your company benefits from an important sale funnel. SEO digital marketing strategies play a significant part in bringing in new customers for a business. However, the sales will still happen offline. These websites are more suitable for a company that has buyer intent. This means the potential customer is typically ready to make a purchase. They just need the conviction that your services or product is the perfect option.

Sales Website

Sales websites are popular because both leads and sales are all made online. These are the websites that sell services or products. If a website has a cart option, then it falls under this category. Also, a company’s site can still fall under the sales websites category if your company uses online scheduling and payment, but you offer the services in person. While the leads and sales are made online, the actual service is offered offline.

Utility Website

This type of website acts more like a tool than just a regular website. These are the companies whose websites and businesses are one and the same. For instance, Facebook and Airbnb are an example of utility sites that uses their websites as a tool. They don’t essentially generate leads or make sales online. Florida marketing firms create these websites in space and access to the people that choose them. 

Blog Websites

Blogs started with more casual and personal content compare to an authority website. But since then, the lines have been blurred, and it is very common for major businesses and brands to have their own blog. When you add expert content to your websites, they improve the overall credibility of your company. 

Web design Orlando

Choosing an appropriate website will depend on what you are going to do with it. Whether you need a blog or a website for your business, we are one of the best Orlando advertising agencies that can help you build a site that meets your need and budget. When looking for the right full-service advertising agency, call us.

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