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Powering innovation, the Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family delivers highly parallel processing and configurations for diverse requirements.

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Asus Servers

ASUS servers offer the most optimized systems for HPC, data center, and cloud applications. Feature highlights include extreme computing power, high memory capacity and extra-efficient cooling. While ASUS Workstation Series fulfill the needs of professionals in graphics, GPU computing, and game development applications, aligning with the growing impact of GPU computing on the HPC segment.

Storage Solutions


Data is quickly speeding beyond our capacity to store it. The next generation of visionaries requires next gen solutions to secure and share their ideas.

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Intel Server

Spectrum Servers is a proud Intel supplier, offering affordable intel server options at some of the lowest prices you’ll find on the Internet. Check out their Rack Servers section to get started or type your product in the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for. A server specialist is always just a phone call away at 626-956-0100.

Chenbro Chassis

If you’re in the market for a Chenbro Chassis, you might think all of the websites you come across online carry the same product for about the same price. That’s not always the case. Spectrum Servers carries many popular chassis and servers for a lot less than other sites that claim the lowest price. Check out Spectrum’s Chenbro Chassis prices for yourself and save on your next purchase.

Chenbro Rackmount

Looking for an affordable Chenbro rackmount server? Spectrum Servers has what you’re looking for, always at the best price online, like their Chenbro 3U 10 bays 2.5" HDD 500W rackmount chassis priced right at just under $200. Just type ‘Chenbro’ into their search bar to see they complete product line.

Spectrum Servers

Spectrum Servers knows their customers are looking for the highest quality products at the lowest prices around. That’s why the Spectrum Servers website is dedicated to offering some of the most popular products available in technology, at rock bottom prices. Shop Spectrum for rack servers, tower servers, storage solutions, workstations, rack chassis and more.

Chenbro Chassis

Shopping for a Chenbro chassis? You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on Spectrum Servers- and at prices that will fit your budget. Spectrum Servers has grown to become one of the most trusted names in servers, storage solutions, workstations and chassis and is proud to offer the best technology available today.

Supermicro Ultra Server

Why buy your SuperMicro Ultra Server any place other than Spectrum Servers? If you’re looking for a quality product that’s priced right, you’ll be pleased with what you find on the website. Browse the inventory online or connect with a company specialist if you need assistance finding the right product.

Supermicro Twin Servers

Shipping online for SuperMicro twin servers can be confusing. Why are so many server websites overcharging for the same products Spectrum Servers offers at affordable prices? Don’t be taken in by inflated prices. Cost compare on servers on the website and get the lowest prices available online.

Supermicro Super Storage

Need a SuperMicro Super Storage solution for your application? Spectrum Servers has it for less. don’t make a purchase until you click on the ‘Storage Solutions’ link to compare the cost of your item with the same product in the Spectrum Servers inventory. Why overpay when you can get the same product for less?

Supermicro Super Servers

Spectrum Servers carries the SuperMicro Super servers their customers are looking for, and at prices you’re sure to appreciate. If you’re online comparing prices, we invite you to see why Spectrum Servers is considered one of the most affordable websites to do business with. Just click on their products page to get started.

Intel Vsan

Spectrum Servers knows that quality matters when it comes to your Intel VSAN purchase- they also believe their customers are looking for a great deal. That’s why they strive to offer the best in quality at the lowest prices online. Feel free to browse the entire inventory on Spectrum Servers or connect with a company specialist if you have questions.

Asus Server Rack

Searching online for an ASUS server rack? Don’t trust your purchase to just any provider, check out what’s available from sPectrum Servers, where you are a valued visitor to their website. Server racks at Spectrum are ready to ship out when you place your order, unlike middlemen who have to locate your product before they can ship it. Click on ‘Rack Servers’ to find your product.

Asrock Gpu Server

You might be overcharged on your Asrock GPU server if you’re not buying from Spectrum Servers. Check out pricing on their products and cost compare before you make a purchase you’ll be dissatisfied with. With Spectrum Servers, you’ll get the highest quality components at the best prices online. Visit the ‘Products’ link to find out more.

4u Server Chassis

Don’t overspend on your 4u server chassis- shop Spectrum Servers for the best deals and exceptional service. If you need help selecting the right chassis for your application, just contact a specialist with your questions and they’ll help you get the right product in your shopping cart. Click ‘Service & Support’ for assistance.

Rack Mount Servers

Shopping for rack mount servers can prove to be a real challenge, especially if you’re looking for a great price. Spectrum Servers carries a nice assortment of rackmount servers in a wide variety of prices, including Bays Single processor servers, High Density storage servers, Dual processor servers and many others. Browse their complete inventory online.

Intel Purley

Looking for a great deal? Shop for your Intel Purley server from Spectrum Servers and spend less on more. Browse the complete inventory on Spectrum by selecting ‘Rack Servers’ from the home page, then scroll down through the Intel products until you find the perfect product. When quality matters, shop Spectrum.

High Density Server

Shop for a high density server from the online leader in the industry. Spectrum Servers carries a range of products to meet your needs, including the T41SP-2U Quanta 2U 4 Nodes 24 bays High Density Server, the latest generation platform with DDR4 technology. Check out prices online to see how affordable a new high density server can be.

Skylake Servers

Spectrum Servers carries the affordable Skylake servers you’ve been looking for, along with an impressive inventory of Rack servers, Storage solutions, Rack Chassis, Workstations, and Tower servers. Just click on the ‘Products’ link to browse the inventory or type your target item into the search bar for greater convenience.

Gpu Server

Purchase your GPU server from Spectrum Servers and walk away with the best deal online. Browse the inventory on to find single unit Rack mount servers, double unit, 3 unit products and much more, including SuperMicro SuperServers and ASUS servers. Checkout is fast and convenient, with PayPal payments accepted.

Epyc Servers

Spectrum Servers knows their customers are looking for quality Epyc Servers at affordable prices. That’s why they carry some of the most popular products on the market today, at prices that won’t break the bank. Just type ‘Epyc’ into the search bar on their home page to find a great selection of Epyc Servers or select from the appropriate link.

Rackmount Server Chassis

Spectrum Servers has your rackmount server chassis in stock and at a terrific price. If you’re not happy with what you’ve found on other sites, we invite you to browse the impressive inventory on Spectrum Servers before you place your order. You’ll find great deals on servers, server chassis, components, workstations, solutions and a lot more.

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