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Powering innovation, the Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family delivers highly parallel processing and configurations for diverse requirements.

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ASUS servers offer the most optimized systems for HPC, data center, and cloud applications. Feature highlights include extreme computing power, high memory capacity and extra-efficient cooling. While ASUS Workstation Series fulfill the needs of professionals in graphics, GPU computing, and game development applications, aligning with the growing impact of GPU computing on the HPC segment.

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Data is quickly speeding beyond our capacity to store it. The next generation of visionaries requires next gen solutions to secure and share their ideas.

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Chenbro Rackmount

Benefits Of A Datacenter Solution To Your Business

A given space where computer systems and their accompanying accessories, backup power source, environmental control, data communications connections (both the expendable and spare ones), are housed is known as a datacenter. But you probably already knew this!

Just like with everything else, care and attention are required to ensure that your data center a data center is functioning properly. This is where datacenter solutions are necessary. Datacenter solutions are the different categories required which include: software-defined storage, data protection, data center applications, cloud solutions, servers, etc. You can enjoy all these with ease and less risk by seeking out a professional.

Benefits of Datacenter Solutions

1. Data Protection

You will enjoy the implementation of multiple backup techniques and damage recovery solutions in case of disaster. You will not have to worry about the safety of your files when you have a good service provider to safeguard your property.

2. Traffic Management

These solutions help in the management of multiple IP addresses, and virtual machines.

3. Complexity Reduced

With simplified maintenance of your data center, the complexity can be reduced to a significant degree. Since various organizations deal with parallel processing of massive sets of data, they, therefore, need an adequate bandwidth. A datacenter solution provider can manage connectivity and throughput efficiently, hence reducing complications.

4. Cloud Servers

To monetize your data center, private and public clouds will need to be installed. Cloud computing is handled with the right cloud solution according to your needs. As required and the available assets within the data center, self-service, and on-demand capacity (which is the basis of cloud servers) can be effectually delivered.

5. IT Consolidation

IT systems can be streamlined and made more efficient. Money, space and time are saved thanks to the linking of infrastructure. Devices are easily added to the network, ensuring a limit to the risk of service interruptions. Enjoy the full benefits of IT consolidation by getting your infrastructures scaled.

6. Policy and Security Expertise Instigation of proper effective security policies throughout the network is assured when your service provider is a professional. Initiation of firewall devices for protection can be carried out too depending on your need. Network connectivity, power, several sophisticated measures, and procedures are initiated to ensure high availability and security of customer's data and applications at every point in time.

7. Desktop Virtualization Administrative control and data security will be highly increased. This will lead to a drastic reduction in expenses. Protocols will be established to guarantee uptime and fast service delivery with constant access to internet providers to maintain connectivity at all times.

8. Hyper-Converged Integration System

This is a type of virtual computing policy usually used in data centers, which computes, virtualizes and stores data remotely into a single software. Using integrated infrastructure, get your data center applications and solutions speedily delivered.

7. Software Storage

To enhance the increasing growth of numerical data value and speedy delivery access to facts and figures, you need a flexible storage system.

8. Less Need For Support Staff

With a 24/7 daily access to technical support guaranteed, problems are automatically eliminated without extra charges. This saves your organization time, funds and resources since they don't have to deal with IT support staff and many assistants.


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